Frequently asked questions

What does Conversationally do and why should I join?

Conversationally measures and analyzes the voice assistant usage of real people across the US to conduct important behavioral research in the voice ecosystem. We share our insights to help innovators create impactful voice experiences and empower users to make the most of them, with the intent to maximize the positive impact of this revolutionary new medium.

Our goal is to recruit panel members across every demographic group to represent a broad range of perspectives in our industry-shaping insights. Joining the Voice Panel is an opportunity to make your community’s voice heard and ensure that innovations in the voice ecosystem serve everyone. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this opportunity to create an inclusive future for voice technologies.

Am I eligible to join the Conversationally Voice Panel?

If you live in the US and have a device on which you regularly use either Alexa or Google Assistant, you’re eligible! For now, you must also be able to access the Google Chrome desktop browser on a computer to install our extension. Support for users on mobile or outside the US is coming soon!

If you use your smart assistant at least 5 days every month, you'll also earn cash every month and automatically qualify for our monthly $500 sweepstakes!

Will Conversationally work with my smart device?

Yes. If you use it to interact with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, it should work just fine no matter what kind of device it is (smart speaker, smartphone, smart vacuum cleaner, etc.)! You will be notified if we detect that we’re having trouble measuring your smart assistant activity.

What is the Conversationally Chrome extension and how do I use it?

Our extension is a piece of software you can download onto your Chrome web browser. Once you’ve registered for Conversationally and signed into your Amazon and/or Google account, the extension will periodically gather data about your voice assistant interactions.

Once you’ve downloaded it and connected your account(s), just keep using your smart speakers like usual! The extension will continue measuring your activity automatically unless you disable the plugin or log out of your Amazon or Google account. If you do sign out, please make sure to sign into that account again later to continue participating. You can check your connection anytime by glancing at your extension's icon to the right of your Chrome browser bar. If it's purple, you're all good! If it's red, click on it to reconnect your account.

How can I qualify to earn monthly rewards and enter the Voice Innovation Sweepstakes?

You'll earn monthly payments, paid directly via PayPal, for every month you're active. To be considered an active user, just make sure your account is connected and talk to your smart speaker at least 5 days in a month. All active users will also be automatically entered into our $500 giveaway every month. You'll earn one sweepstakes entry every single day you interact with your smart speaker, as long as you stay connected!

For full details of Conversationally's Voice Innovation Sweepstakes rules and payouts, please click here.

What kind of information does Conversationally collect?

In order to conduct in-depth, nuanced analyses of how people use their voice assistants, we collect information about both the content and context of your interactions with the accounts you’ve given us access to. This includes text transcripts of requests made directly to your voice assistant, along with metadata such as timestamps and the names of any Alexa Skills or Google Actions you use. All of this data is stored securely in our cloud servers and will never be used to advertise directly to you.

For full details on the information we collect and how we protect it, please see our Privacy Policy.

How does Conversationally protect the privacy of our Voice Panel participants?

Your privacy is our top priority. We adhere to the highest standards of information security to keep your personal data safe in our secure cloud servers. Your personal information will be kept confidential in alignment with the Conversationally Privacy Policy. Data collected from your device may be used for research purposes, but any and all personal information will be kept out of the public domain. Additionally, we will NEVER allow our partners to market directly to you in any way.

How can I stop sharing my voice data with Conversationally?

If you no longer wish to participate in the Conversationally Voice Panel, please remove the Chrome extension from your browser and/or remove the mobile app. To remove the Chrome extension, right-click on the Conversationally extension icon at the top-right of your Chrome browser window and select "Remove from Chrome...". To remove the mobile app, go to Google Play Store app, tap menu, tap on the Conversationally app and tap uninstall. After removal, your voice interaction data will no longer be shared with us.

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